Mentor's Name

Mentor's Name

Learning Nation Foundation

To promote Coaching and Project-based learning as tools for the 21st century Educator with the intention of developing change initiatives with their Students that will positively contribute to the achievement of the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals for Humanity.

Starting March 2021, we will prototype Batch 1 of the "teacher as Coach" program, a 3-moth learning journey that will have 10 schools sending 5 of their teachers to learn the tolls of Awareness-based Systems Change (from the Presencing Institute-MIT).

At the end of the journey, they will be asked to champion SDG initiatives in their respective schools as they cascade their learning to their fellow-teachers who in turn will apply Coaching and Project-based learning to their students to come up with initiatives to support the 2030 UN Sustainability Development Goals.

They will be asked to create videos of their prototypes which will be uploaded on the Learning nation Foundation platform as they join the Rizal SDG Heroes Challenge. Winners will be announced on December 30, 202, the death anniversary of Dr. Jose P. Rizal, the Philippines National Hero.

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