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Mentor's Name


People can take control of their ‘next chapter’ in life by taking charge of their training and education through the support of a peer network and community. Our platform is the most holistic and inspirational journey to thrive in career and life.

Our Inspire2Thrive platform helps people searching the job to find the job of their purpose to thrive in their career and life delivering the most holistic and inspirational journey to the job due to focus on people’s superpowers, support from the community and leveraging automation with human touch. We are unlike many other services that are fragmented, focused on people’s gaps and do not care about encouragement thru the process.

Meet the Team

Purpose Launchpad Progress

Next Steps

• Keep building our MVP

• Building our Cashflow model

• Early adopters interactions

Our Needs-

 Requests to the Community

1) Provide ad hoc feedback at various stages of Evolution - beyond Evolution Days;
2) Participate in the surveys per request;
3) Networking, connecting with the relevant communities, SME, advisors;
4) Provide resources, ie for IT development;
5) Funds


LATEST Initiative Evolution Video

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