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Mentor's Name

Dawn Child Foundation

We are a social enterprise that combines the knowledge of Inner Work with the science of Early Childhood and the art of Nonviolent Communication to help new parents resolve conflicts, and create stimulating, playful and stress-free environment for babies (between 0-3 years) within their households.

We believe that parents often find themselves sacrificing their wellbeing for their babies. It is proven that the more unsupported/ stressed they feel, the more brain-damaging toxic stress is transferred to their babies, unconsciously. One of the main reasons is that the parents suffer from caregiver burnout in the absence of safe spaces for dialogue, and lack of support from their immediate surroundings including their family.

Our initiative is to provide personalized support to the parents as well as the household helps/ maids/ babysitters (maids) with a focus on providing an empathetic caregiving environment for the babies to thrive at their homes. We also upskill maids and help in creating a safe space within the household after aligning the parents' and maids' needs.

Our main focus is on the parents/ families who have baby/ies within the ages of 0-3 years (first 1000 days), are also willing to create a space for dialogue with their maids in a dignified manner and they live in and around New Delhi, India.

Our program includes context-setting using Social Emotional Learning, dialogue through Nonviolent Communication and conflict resolution & healing through Deep Innerwork.

Benefits of our program are:

- In-house services, personalized to each family and their context;
- Sessions held according to family’s and caregiver's schedule and convenience;
- Every session has participation of child, parents, family members and maids/ caregivers.


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