What is Purpose Evolver?

Purpose Evolver is an organization that helps entrepreneurs to build purpose driven companies to make an impact.

Why does Purpose Evolver exist?

We want to empower extraordinary entrepreneurs and startups to create a better future!

Is Purpose Evolver a startup accelerator?

Don’t call us “accelerator”, we are EVOLVERS! We were born on the recognized need to actually detach from the linear approach of traditional accelerator programs. Our goal is not accelerating existing startups nor to push them into some kind of grow-hack mechanism. Our program is aimed to literally evolve people, teams and projects to create impactful, viable, purpose driven companies.

How does Purpose Evolver support startup companies and entrepreneurs?

We offer to the selected initiative a year-long “Evolution Program” . According to the needs of today's fast-changing conditions, our program is continuously improving based on the inputs we obtain from each initiative, our mentors and the community. By leveraging the power of our community, we connect purpose-driven entrepreneurs, certified mentors, doers and investors and we provide them with the right structure and ecosystem to evolve early-stage ideas into sustainable organizations to make a massive impact.

How does the Evolution Program work?

The Evolution Program is divided into different phases:

  • Selection of Startups: A startup company or an initiative that participates and completes a Purpose Alliance Challenge can request access to Purpose Evolver. The selection process is based on matching available mentors with applicants. If a match is found, the Trial Period begins.
  • 30-Day Trial Period: The selected startup company signs a pre-agreement and starts a free 30-day Trial period during which the assigned Purpose Evolver Mentor kicks off the evolution process using the Purpose Launchpad Methodology.
  • Exploration Phase: If both, the startup company and the assigned mentor, agree, the company joins officially Purpose Evolver Program by choosing one of the following options:
- Equity approach (2% equity with a vesting period of one year), OR - Revenue Share approach, (2% revenue share royalty during the first five years and 1% revenue share royalty during the next five years);
  • Evaluation Phase: Only a selected number of startup companies will gain access to this phase. Those who do, will receive a cash investment in exchange for an additional 3% of equity.
  • Impact Phase: Once a startup has been assessed by a board of mentors to have achieved a certain evolution stage and surpassed the Evaluation Phase, Purpose Evolver will focus into increasing a company's chance to make an impact (i.e. by connecting with investors, key partners, etc.)

How much does the program cost?

During our program we truly focus on building a transparent, trustworthy relationship with startups and entrepreneurs. So instead of charging our participants a big fee or taking a big equity at the beginning of our program we created different layers of compensation throghout the phases of the Evolution Program. An example is the access to the Exploration Phase of The Evolution Program in which the startup compensate Purpose Evolver and the Mentor with a 2% Equity or 2% Revenue Share.

How Purpose Evolver program is different?

When we talk about supporting startups, we don't believe in finished, static, one-fit-all programs or solutions. Just like our selected initiatives, we continuously iterate and evolve our program based on our community inputs and continuous learnings! Our mentors use Purpose Launchpad Methodology best practices to tailor strategic solutions to each of the initiatives they mentor. Click here to learn more about Purpose Launchpad Methodology

Can I become a Purpose Evolver Mentor?

Excellence is one of our core values! That's why all Purpose Evolver Mentors are required to, first,obtain their Purpose Launchpad Mentor Official Certification; A rigorous training program that allows mentors to properly and effectively implement the Purpose Launchpad Methodology. To become a certified Purpose Launchpad Mentor, Apply here . If you already are a certified Purpose Launchpad Mentor, and you are interested in joining Purpose Evolver, please, contact us.

What are the benefits of becoming Purpose Evolver Mentors?

We believe rewarding mentors for their support and guidance is very important. That’s why Purpose Evolver Mentors gain access to equities, revenues or other types of compensations, every time they mentor a Purpose Evolver initiative and support the Community. If you are a certified Purpose Launchpad Mentor and you are interested in joining Purpose Evolver, please, contact us.

How can I invest into Purpose Evolver startup companies?

If you are an investor and you want more information on how to participate to Purpose Evolver Community and/or you want start investing in any of the startup companies part of Purpose Evolver portfolio, please, contact us.